Product information

Wallpaper Hanging Procedure

Our wallpaper is digitally printed on a Non-Woven substrate. It's washable and UV-resistant which prevents colors from fading when exposed to sunlight. When hanging the wallpaper, put the paste directly onto the wall and then hang the numbered sections by butting the edges tightly together. Use wallpaper paste for a non-woven wallpaper quality. The wallpaper is delivered in numbered sheets. Detailed fitting instructions are enclosed in the package.

Remember that it is important that you have a smooth surface when hanging your wallpaper.
All holes need to be filled, and any bumps need to be sanded down. For the best results, paint the wall white before hanging.

Prior to production Your Wallpaper checks the quality of submitted originals .
Digital Images
Always use the highest possible resolution (native, not interpolated).
We recommend a minimum resolution of 1 megapixel per square meter.

Example: If the target wall is 2500 x 2400 mm – then we recommend a minimum of 2500 x 2400 pixels. if possible we prefer TIFF file formats. If you compress your images, use the highest possible quality settings.
Scanned Images
Photographs should have a resolution of 300 ppi or more in A4-size (297 x 210 mm), color or gray scale.
For line art, black and white only , use settings for Line Art and resolution 600 ppi. Save your scanned images in tiff-, eps- or psd-format.

Vector graphics /patterns
Graphical patterns should be made using a vector drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator, Freehand or Corel Draw. If the pattern is to be repeated, make sure that the pattern is complete and repeatable in all directions.
If needed, we will gladly assist you with Image analysis, color adjustments, scanning, retouching, interpolation and pattern adjustments.