About Your Wallpaper

Your Wallpaper has ever since it started in 2004 manufactured wallpaper in accordance with the needs of our clients and always with a focus on design.
The xerographical printing technique enables us to manufacture in such small quantities as one single copy. Every wallpaper is unique as it is precisely adapted to the wall for which it is intended.
We strive to meet the needs of architects and decorators in their creations of new enviroments around the world. Our wallpaper is to be found in restaurants, shops, malls, offices and hotels.
We manufacture the wallpaper in our own premises in Stockholm and distribute them directly to our clients. Also to be found here is our studio which can assist with know-how, starting from the initial phase. We can assist in finding subjects, draw sketches and original works and make trial prints. Our cooperation with craftsmen also enables us to do both the groundwork as well as hanging up the wallpaper.
On this home page you will find reference projects with wallpapers of our making. Under the collections heading are displayed subjects created by designers of our choice.
It´s an ever changing collection in which new and established designers show their subjects. This also permits us to create a pattern or subject specifically for you.

We produce custom wallpaper from your own design or from our collection
- Your Wallpaper Designers.
For pricing and information about printing from your own originals - please contact us.

We also provide:
Image Searching: We help finding motifs or patterns for your wallpaper and adapt them according to
requirements and enviroment .
Photography: We provide photographers for specific images.
Project Management: We help with sketching and proofing.

Trial Prints: We
analyse and adjust your images.
Original work:
We help you with scanning, retouching, interpolating and pattern adjustments.
We deliver your wallpaper directly to the desired address.

Please contact us. Welcome to Your Wallpaper.

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