Do you want to create your own unique wallpaper, custom made to fit the size of your wall? Do you have your own design? No problem! We will help you create the wallpaper you want.
Scan your album covers, the recipy book, gradmas fantastic water colour paintnings, your favourite fabric or perhaps old letters or blue prints. It doesn't have to be a photography -- anything can become wallpaper!
One of our greatest strengths is our professional artstudio where we have extensive experience in personal projects.

Measure carefully
Measure your wall exactly to the millimeter. We then add the appropriate bleed for final assembly. Keep in mind that custom wallpaper can not be returned.

How much is it?
Printing your own wallpaper is 36€ per m² excluding VAT. (Minimum order is 3m² ) Costs for scanning and artwork may apply depending on submitted original. We always make an estimate of costs that you may approve before we begin working. The total delivery time depends on the extent of the project. Printing time after artwork approval is approx. 1 week.

Our wallpapers sre installed just like regular wallpaper.
The paste goes on the wall and the wallpaper is mounted butt joint. Avoid pressing the wallpaper in place as this can cause it to drift apart when the paste dries. If a strip is misplaced then loosen it completely from the wall and start over.

Fill out the information below and send to us. We will get back to you with a proposal within a few days. Do not forget to provide your contact information!
Attach file for review. If your file is larger than 10mb, we recommend that you to use our Wetransfer link instead. Do not forget to include your contact details in the message box

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Wall dimensions (mm)